What is a WordPress Website?

WordPress is a website building and management tool. With WordPress, users can build their own Ecommerce platform base on their specifications.

WordPress is one of the most widely use content management system (CMS). It is use by more than 60 million websites worldwide to date. These WordPress websites ranges  from blogs to online stores. As at July 2019, WordPress holds more than half of the world’s market share for CMS, at 60.8% according to a survey done by W3Tech.

With WordPress, websites can be build without the need to install softwares, as it runs solely on Cloud. Based on PHP & MySQL, WordPress also includes features such as Plugin Architecture and Template system.

Why use WordPress?

1. Customisable

Flexible and open to expansions, users can design and modify the layouts of their website according to their business specifications. Users are not limited to just enterprise extensions. They can generate their own extensions and incorporate it on the site. Thus, we can design plugins and extensions base on your requirements. The high level of customisation allows differentiation and no website build using WebPress will be 100% the same.

2. Search Engine Optimised 

WordPress helps businesses increase market exposure by ranking instantly among the top search results.

3. Integrated link management

WordPress has an integrated link management feature. It serves as a form of search engine and allows users to tag another link address relevant to their post. Readers can be easily directed to another post on your site with this tagging function.  As a result, this can increase the traffic of your website, and allow your business to gain more exposure online.

Let’s get started!

At SuperInk, we are train to provide quality website building services, from setting up your very own site to customising your website, all based on your needs. Contact us today and get your WordPress website started!

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