How to Access the Source Code in WordPress Blog or Website

About WordPress

When choosing the best platform for building a website, WordPress is the name that always pops up. This open-source platform is the first choice for many bloggers to create interactive websites.

Advantage of WordPress

Advantages and Disadvantages of User-Generated Content

The cost is FREE

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on proprietary solutions that nobody knows about. If you are really struggling, you can even host your website on for free. WordPress is free to install and comes with a very cost-effective one-click hosting plan.

A wide variety of professional themes

Even if you don’t hire a designer to customize your site, there are enough templates so your site won’t look like everyone else’s site. WordPress templates provide a great way to kick start your design, and many templates have built-in functions that can help you solve complex web programming tasks. The past few years have seen a huge increase in the number of responsive templates, so be sure the template you choose is mobile-friendly.

Search Engine Optimization 

WordPress has a built-in search function and facilitates search engine optimization (SEO). The search function is easily added to all pages of your site. WordPress allows you to tag all content, create custom URLs rich in keywords, and allow trackbacks and pingbacks, which help your site to be found in online searches.

Disadvantage of WordPress

Advantages and Disadvantages of User-Generated Content

Lack of creativity and originality

The models are not designed to promote your specific brand, so even if you find one that is similar to your current look, it won’t match exactly. You can start with a simple template and then customize or hire a web developer to customize the template based on your branding.

Vulnerability & Data Security

Although the WordPress platform itself is free, effective use of it relies on custom themes and plugins. Most of these efficiency-enhancing functions and tools come at a price. The more you use, the higher the cost of using WordPress. It can be vulnerable in multiple cases. Since WordPress is an open-source platform, it opens the room to potential hackers.


Overall, creating a website with WordPress is very easy, especially if you can start development using existing templates. However, if you want to customize the appearance and functionality of the template, you must have strong Web development skills or hire a developer. Click here to find us to know more details about us.