What is a Website Builder?

A website Builder are tools that typically allows the construction of websites without manual code editing.

They fall in two categories:

Online website builders typically requires customers to sign up with the web hosting the range of services varies anywhere between creating basic personal web pages or social network content to making complete business and e-commerce websites, either template based or, on the more flexible platforms, totally design free company. Some Companies provide examples of fully functional websites made with their website builder.

Many Companies Build Websites so that websites so that it could attracts other companies or customers attention as building a website can improve on your business as well as bring more customers to know more about the company as well.

Offline web builders cater to professional web designers who need to create pages for more than one client or web host. Modern offline web builders are usually both WYSIWYG and allow direct editing of source code and cascading style sheets (CSS) styling. They generally require at least a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

Therefore many people builds websites as it ables us to know more about the websites online as well as what are the features of the websites that many people are using now as website builders normally builds for the companies whom needs a website and whom wants to create and build a website to set up a business for their companies as well as promoting their company.

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