wordpress website singapore

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most used website builder not only in Singapore but in the world. With the billions of websites, 38% of it is created using WordPress. With it beginning as a way for bloggers to post, it became much more bigger than it used to be. It now it not only a way to build website for bloggers but also for e-Commerce, portfolio and more different kinds of webpage. It is a very versatile online tool too as there are millions of plugins available for users to edit their website with. There are even plugins that helps build websites so not only you can build a website faster than traditional way but more efficiently.

Who is it for?

WordPress website is and can be used by anyone and everyone. It can be used for personal or even on company level. There are many things that can be done with WordPress. WordPress itself requires time to understand however, there are millions of plugins available for WordPress. This not only makes it harder for someone to get a grasp of WordPress but also takes a longer time for someone to get used to it. The learning curve for WordPress is quite steep but once the steep part of it is over, it is basically second nature to anyone using it.

We here at SuperInk, not only are good at WordPress websites, we also can implement Search Engine Optimization on WordPress created websites. We excel at it. We’ve helped some companies set up their company’s website, helped another company created an e-Commerce website and also we have created a one-pager website. There are more to what we can create with WordPress and we are up to the challenge for new and unique websites.

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