What is a website?

A website is a collection of related network web resources, such as web pages, multimedia content, which are typically identified with a common domain name and published on at least one web server. Examples also include wikipedia.org, google.com, and amazon.com.

How can it help others?

  1. It is helpful to many people who are uncertain of what they are researching for and what they would like to research.
  2. It is also helpful when one does not know what the sites are capable of researching.

Why do companies use the website?

Companies that have their own sites are also much easier for them to research anything they are uncertain of.

It can be accessed via a public Internet Protocol (IP) network.  Usually, the Internet, or a private local area network (LAN), by a uniform resource locator (URL) that identifies the site.

Web pages are the building blocks of sites, documents, typically composed in plain text interspersed. Usually with formatting instructions of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML, XHTML). They also may incorporate elements from other websites with suitable markup anchors.


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