Web for SME is the most basic element of all websites. You shouldn’t be paying more for designing and development combined.

Be careful of feature-creep and requesting for more than you need. This is because design and development alone isn’t going to bring you business.

Many companies only offer these 2 things, as they’re already enough to get the website up and running and to make your PIC claims.

However, if these two are the only things you paid for in your package, you’ve probably just wasted your money on a website that isn’t going to bring your business.

Web hosting

This is where most web design companies try to impress you with technical terms.

As mentioned earlier, unless your business falls. You don’t need giant, dedicated servers, auto-scaling architecture and uptime.

Watch out for web design companies that try to sell you technical specs instead of helping you get more customers.

User interface

UI/UX is part of the holy trinity that determine whether your website will succeed.

A good specialist will make your website easy-to-use and generate more sales for every site visitor.

Take note that UI/UX specialists are seldom web designers. Be very alert if your web design company tries to convince you that your web designer is also your Specialist.

Most Singapore-based web design agencies don’t have a UI/UX expert.


Most web design companies offer free SEO these days. If your web design package came with this, then I’m sorry to tell you, your website isn’t going to get many new visitors with the free SEO.

If it was that simple and can be given away free, what do you think would happen to SEO agencies?

The free SEO that is offered is just for basic foundations. You will NOT be top 5 on Google for important keywords that your customers are searching for.

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