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We provide Digital solution such as Press printing, Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation and Cyber Security Solutions.

SEO(Search Engine Optimisation)

If you’re a small company but have good products and services you will need SEO Services as without SEO people will hardly find your company.

Why is SEO important for SME Business?

Its all about traffic as Google has the largest market share on the search engine. And people search for their problem first before asking anyone, usually looking for a product or services. Perhaps, your business service or product.

Simply put it, it’ll make your business more visible in Google Search, the bigger the share of that juicy traffic you get to capture that can turn into more leads and customers. This is achievable through SEO as organic search results are generally considered to be more credible and trusted than paid ones, SEO also helps boost the reputation and brand of your business online over the long term.

Growing your small company with SEO

SEO at first glance may seem daunting and costy to most people, It does take time and effort to build the foundations. You do need to have the patience for the results to show up a minimum of 3 months for most optimize the result.

If your business is in a moderately competitive, you can expect some ranking results to show up between 3 and 6 months. For highly competitive ones, do expect that it may take up to a year before your search rankings start improving as SEO is a long-term investment and should never be viewed as a quick win strategy. If you are looking for instant results to drive tactical sales, Social Media Marketing such as Google and/or Facebook advertising may be more suitable for you.


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