What are the services included?

There are many web design services that each company offers, it mainly involves designing as well as the maintenance of a website. Web Design service aims to give your company a professional and user friendly website for your business.

In order to produce a good website, it involves a lot of work to be done, such as Photoshop, CSS, HTML and SEO.

There are many types of different web design, for example:

  1. Responsive design
  2. Liquid or fluid design
  3. Fixed design
  4. Graphic design

What to expect from a professional web design?

If you are doing a business, having your own company website is very important. This allows many people to know what to expect out of your company.

Having a website is one thing, making it user friendly and professional looking is another. Your website has to be understandable and easily navigated for users, this way you can attract more audience to visit your site.

There is many different aspects for you to look at when you try to design a good website. One of the many is the kind of theme you or your company wants and how it can portray a good impression for the audience.

Other than that, you have to also keep your website design consistent so that there are no extraneous information and functionality, having an inconsistent website may distract or confuse users.

SuperInk Pte Ltd

Alternatively, if you are looking for a good web designer to help you with your company site, you are at the right spot! Here in SuperInk Pte Ltd, we provide web design services and SEO services, all included in different packages for you to choose from. Our packages are at affordable and reasonable pricing.

If you are interested to take a look at our different packages, you may click here to view. Else, if you have any other enquiries or you wish to visit us, do contact us at:


120 Hillview Avenue
Singapore 669594


Tel no: +65 9069 5600



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