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About us

At Superink, we provide digital marketing solutions like Web development, Web design, SEO optimisation, press printing & cyber security solutions.

Superink also provides on boarding services like training workshops for Web developments and SEO are also available for discussion. We believe in providing quality support for our clients.

Helping them achieve their businesses and marketing objectives through highly effective information

Web design and services

At SuperInk, we believe that a customized solution for web design & development, stand-out design can mean the difference of successful business or a company that just started.

Creating awareness and online presence can help you connect with the visitors and will finally be your future customers by a way of a well designed and interactive website.

Especially balance from UI/UX with functions.

We also have a benefit of building a website for your Company.


Creating a new website will cost you a fortune but worried about the price? we also offer cost-effective that is based and meaningful.

With WordPress, creating your customized website is inexpensive.


WordPress platform provides a dashboard to mange a content known as Content Management System (CMS). 100% ownership, can be easily managed by you. We also provide such as our Expert Team, where we have experienced developers that specialize in WordPress, CSS, HTML and Javascript.

Quick Support provides quick reply and support for your problems. We will solve your problem and prevent it from happening in the future. Our 4-step website process ensures our quality.

Making name for your company

Create awareness of your company using a website. To make your company unique, choose the right color for your business. Keep the design consistent to make your Company successful to your website.


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