Web Design

What is the definition of web design

Web design is the form of User Experience which allows the website to become more meaningful and it aims to allow the user to easily use the website and prevent the user to wait for the website to load for more than 3 seconds by optimizing the website.

Pros and Cons of Web Design


Having a meaningful and way more faster website, will help the company website to attract more traffic and visitor to visit their website and therefore, it will enable the company to be more recognized by the public.

Web design are formed in two types, pure and dynamic. Luckily we do have a way to design a website in dynamically. Therefore it will need a lesser time and easily to design the website.


To satisfy the user from using the website, it will need to consume quite a lot of time to find ways to build a website, and in results, the competitor may produce a professional website faster than you, in which it may be useless when the time you had done designing the website, which it will affect the business growth.

To have a proper skills to design a website is insufficient due to you may need to have a programming skills to edit the layout and the back-end function, and there could be a possibility where you will be forgotten to back-up your website, and therefore, you will have to restart the whole process again which may cause more time to produce a website.

In conclusion,

Web design will help both parties, the user and client to gain benefit. User can conveniently and easily use the website, while the client can help their customer to easily make use of their website to gain more traffic or visitor to enable their company to more recognized by the public.

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