Site optimization is where company’s give the website a better chance of showing in search engines or improvement performance. There are many ways as well as tools to optimize a website. A website can be good and very responsive however without any optimization, it would be very hard for users to find. Companies and enterprises usually would hire specialists to optimize their website.

Type of optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Some websites optimize is to ensure that their website is at the optimal performance which leads to a better user experience. Such websites that have been optimized can also be seen in an increased number in traffic. Such optimization is called search engine optimization or SEO. Company’s that have been around online have heard of SEO. SEO, one of the most crucial site optimization, is where websites create contents that are attractive to search engines. This, in return, gives the website a better rating to be found online. Users will have to key in a key-phrase that is related to the focus keyword.


Another type of optimization is also called the back-end where it also ensures that the websites load up quickly. This kind of optimizations is used for websites that have a lot of images or elements that require more time to load. There are many apps and plugins that help with this. Such apps compress images before showing the user and some apps remove or reduce the unnecessary animation or coding.

User Experience (UX)

Since websites want to make potential clients or customers stay, they have to come up with a better user experience. Some websites have a lot of elements and sometimes the website gets very messy. Clearing and making the website looking neater is also a part of website optimization. This gives the user having better user experience and in return a longer time on the website.

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