Are you facing any slow page speed in your website and want to learn how to optimize website?
Website speed is important for a business website. Visitors usually see the web page speed and get their first impression about a business. A low website page will frustrate visitor and make them turn off the web page. Usually, these visitors wont be back anymore.

It is essential to have your website optimized. Before optimizing your website, it is good to assess its speed.
Superink introduces you some analytic tool that worth your time for trying.

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Tips to optimized your website

Once you have analysis your website speed, you are free to optimize. We are going to introduce some ways of how to optimize website.

1. Optimize on image
Images play a vital role in a successful business website. Images can also improve engagement and better explained the products. However, when images is largely used, it slow down a website. In this case, website owner can choose to compress the images using online tool. Example of some tools are, Kraken and ImageOptim.

2.Reduce unnecessary Plugins
Plugin is common for websites and it helps to add features to your websites. But when there is too much plugins, it requires more effort to run and result in low speed website. It is recommended to uninstall plugin that is not in used or not up to date. Website owner can run performance test to find out the plugins that is the root to slow web speed.

3. Keep JavaScript and CSS files as less as possible
In the case of many JavaScript and CSS files, it will produce many HTTP request when visitors accessing your website. Reducing of JavaScript and CSS files definitely speed up web page speed. Here are some tools that can minify these files. Example are Grunt, WillPeave and Script Minifier.