Understanding The Role: What is a Web Designer?

Web designer usually will sit and plan together their creative knowledge and technical skill to build websites and web pages that are functional and pleasing for visitors to look at.

Understanding The Work

The work depends on their skill and the arrangement of their employment.

Three common situations:

Offers different services, based on what skill they have and their preferences. They are the ones that are responsible for their own business with doing the actual client work.

Those working under an agency, don’t have to worry about running the business, but they have less freedom in choosing what they want to do.The type of work they do is all dependent on the agency and how the team is set-up.

Here, they work on a single or small number of websites for a company. They are responsible for a specific feature or section of a larger website.

Areas web designers should understand:

Graphic Design

Use of different colours, fonts, layouts, and imagery in their designs to tell a story and send a feeling to target their audience.

User-experience Design

Benefiting from studying user experience and user interface (UI/UX) design.

Web Development

Take on coding, especially front-end development.

Digital Marketing

Understand digital marketing concepts like, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Copy-writing.

Why is Web Design a Great Choice?

Compared with other design fields, web design is still quite new. It’s only been in the past decade or so that web design has become such a trendy career choice.

The work is fun and creative, and you will get the a lot of opportunities to work with a wide range of clients and organizations looking to boost their online presence.

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