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Design is the process of gathering ideas and putting those ideas into action. Contact us if you want to create a web design!

Types of Web Design Layouts:

  1. Static Page Layout

Static Websites layout to provide a constant width to existing sites and not alter the width on the browser. The advantage of this static style is that it is low on code and hence loads faster than other websites. We create static website layouts ranging from one to hundreds of pages.

2. Dynamic Website Layout

You may design and construct dynamic websites using JavaScript,.net,.php, open-source, jquery, and other programming languages. The CMS makes it simple to add and manage content.

3. Fixed design Layout

A fixed website design layout has a set width covering, while the component elements inside it have percentage widths or fixed widths. When the browser on a screen is stretched or shrunk, images and text may appear to be separated on the screen.

4. Responsive design Layout

This technique seeks to simplify the online presentation by presenting websites on many devices in easy-to-read and navigate formats. Investigate what makes a site responsive, as well as how some common responsive design patterns perform across multiple devices. Responsive websites are intended to display changing information as the browser is extended or shrunk to preset sizes.

5. Liquid or Fluid design Layout

It greatly aids in making the complete website operate properly on different browsers. It is also time-consuming for designers to set up numerous widths for videos, content, and images to match different screen resolutions.

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