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Website Revamp Service

Superink provides services for companies whose website after a long time, as dysfunctional websites irritate customers. A pleasing website enhances credibility and increases website traffic.

Why Should you Revamp your website?

If your website is too old and buggy you will definitely lose customers and visitors.

Here are some strategies you should consider when redesigning your website:

Carefully evaluate your top 10 competitors. What strategies are they using that you could co-opt? What do you think they’re doing wrong?

Wireframes and markups allow you to visualize your site before it goes live. When you use a wireframe, you can place each element precisely on the page.

Take your website redesign one element at a time. Figure out what elements will extend across all pages excluding, perhaps, your landing pages and which are specific to individual pages.

Start by looking critically at your current design — the “old” website. What’s working? What’s not?

More than likely, you’ve already identified specific problems. Maybe you’re experiencing frequent abandoned shopping carts on your e-commerce site, for instance. In that case, you might need to revamp and redesign the checkout process to encourage follow through.

A website redesign shouldn’t just change the overall look of your website. It should enhance the ways in which it functions, especially when it comes to sales and conversions.

What metrics do you want to improve with your website redesign? Maybe you want to collect more email addresses, sell more of a flagship product, or encourage customers to buy bundle deals.


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