Website performance optimization should always be a top priority, particularly in this day and age of fierce online competition. If you want to optimize your blog or business website, we suggest the following website optimization technique, regardless of platform.

Some website optimization technique

Top 8 Essential Website Optimization Strategies

1. Image website optimization technique

Images may have a significant impact on the pace of your website. They are frequently very big files, which can cause page load times to lag. However, deleting them entirely is not a choice.

Having a lot of useful product photos is one of the easiest ways to bring the conversion rate to this stage. This ensures that photographs are completely important if you want to operate a good eCommerce platform. That also implies that image compression is crucial — and this is vital regardless of whether your site is mobile or not.

2. Enhance Website Hosting

Hosting is critical to the success of a website. The demand for low-cost web hosting services is increasingly growing. However, failing to invest properly in website hosting will result in repeated website crashes, lower conversions, and a bad reputation. Today, three forms of hosting services are available.

3. Database Optimization

Although there are many variables that can impact website success, one of the most important is the underlying database that stores the website’s dynamic content. Website owners must examine database logs in order to optimize slow-running queries. Often CMS tables store routine audit reports, which must be cleaned on a regular basis in order to increase the overall performance of the web application.

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