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At SuperInk, we provide digital marketing solutions like: Web development, SEO Optimisation, Web Revamp, Paper Publication & Cybersecurity Solutions.

What is a Website revamp?

Website Revamp simply means remaking your website appearance if you ever feel that there’s ever need a change in your website, to make it look better and attract more customers. A website revamp will provide a refreshing new interface to your customers. Dysfunctional websites irritate customers. Today’s customers are attracted to quality website content hosted on well-designed sites. A pleasing website enhances credibility and increases website traffic.

Why Should you Revamp your website?

Many Companies use the 3 year rule for doing a major website revamp.

The age of your site may provide a sufficient answer to the question of why web revamp your website. Your company’s website urgently needs reworking if it is five years or older, for several reasons.

The main reason is that there have been huge technological advancements in the digital marketing arena over the past half-decade.

Another reason to redesign an old website is that it has become monotonous. An outdated site gives the impression that you are too busy to improve your services or you do not care about giving your online visitors a better experience.

Your site is the first contact the world has with your business.

Consequently, it should convey the current status of your business. If your company earned a new award, certification or added a new product, your website should reflect them. The same is true when your brand has grown since the audience has changed. It makes the past content of your site irrelevant. Your new clients might also be used to a different online experience.


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