What is Web Design?

It is a process where web developers design how a website looks like. They build the website to look the way the clients wants to. Although its a very general term, there a lot of templates available out there. Each one unique and different from one another. There is variety of different design type. The different types of design can be designs for a portfolio website, an e-Commerce website, a corporate website and more. These are just designs however, a web designer should know how to create a website that not only looks nice but also a website that works.

What will you learn as web designer in this course?

Learn Universal Skills to Solve Complex User Problems

Firstly, as a web designer you will learn how to launch a future-proof career designing digital experiences that power revenue, user loyalty, and product success. 

Build a Professional-Grade Portfolio

Secondly, you will distinguish yourself as a designer, compiling a portfolio to showcase solo, group, and client projects to employers.

Become Indispensable to Employers in 2020

Thirdly, you will learn UI design, Agile methods, working with product teams — dive into curriculum to meet today’s hiring priorities.

Get Personal Job Support at Every Step

Lastly, as a web designer you will learn Hone effective design interview tactics, employer connections, and your personal brand with help from a dedicated career coach.

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