Responsive Design: 7 Mistakes that Can Cost You Leads

On the last post, we have discuss about some basic element of webdesign. In this article, I am going to introduce you more basic element of webdesign. Please remember to take note of these element. This is because these elements can help your business to get more audience or customers. Eventually, help your business improve the total revenue. Most importantly, when you do good in these element, you will give your customer an impression that your organization is trustable. This is something that all business owner wants.

More webdesign basic element

Navigating from webpage to webpage
The webdesign should be simple to use, with menu elements easily accessible from any page. The viewer should always know where they are on the website and should have simple access to where they want to go. A site map is a fantastic concept that will be implemented if one is accessible. This may seem obvious, yet most websites could be improved in this area. There is a different between an interactive menu and one that is irritating, therefore utility should be the goal.

Highlight important content
Not every visitor to your webdesign is interested in, or has the time to go through, the full site. They may just require access to a phone number, an address, or a specific piece of information. As a result, it is critical to display critical information in plain sight, in a readily accessible location. We’ve all had the experience of being unable to find some important information on a website, and the end effect is always a dissatisfied visitor. The experience is vexing at best, and an unhappy visitor will leave quickly and is unlikely to return, let alone conduct business with you.

Tell what your business is doing
Your webdesign should have a clear reflection of your company and identity. Your visitor should be able to create a visual link between your brand, print content, and physical location right away. A website that achieves this not only adds to the memorability of your branding, but also provides credibility and an improved picture of your whole organization.

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