What is Design Marketing?

It is all about communicating and doing promotions about your brand or services in an appealing way. Not just that, but all the resources you use need to be something of the company’s identity.

Why does Marketing and Design need to Complement each other?

Through marketing, you create interest for others to look at your brand and the design helps you to visually communicate your brand to customers.

But even with this connection, some companies are still having troubles trying to mix those two.

3 Benefits of Great Marketing Design

Marketing Graphic Design Tips

Keep your design clean.

If your brand is not popular yet, you need to use clean marketing design to establish your credibility on the market.

Take advantage of contrast.

Use of colour, alignment, repetition, proximity, white-space and texture to make your graphic design stand out. The use of right amount of marketing materials can make your design much more appealing.

Limit the number of fonts.

Use fonts that represents your business, you can play with your visuals but it must go well with the main font that you use.

More Information

Focus on discussing about how your team can build a leverage creative design.

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