If you do not know anything of SEO and someone recommended you SEO Yoast. This article would be useful for you. This is because, in this article, I will be guiding you on how to use SEO Yoast. SEO Yoast is a perfect tool to optimize websites and pages effortlessly.

In Yoast SEO, the good part is that it have green, orange and red to help you check.
Green – It is good
Orange – It is alright but can be improve
Red – It is not good, need to work on this

Use the Metabox below to check your articles

There are important elements in metabox to help you improve on articles. These elements are the focus keyphrase, readability analysis, SEO analysis and google preview.

Focus keyphrase

In the focus keyphrase field, you have to insert keyword to rank in search engines. Yoast SEO Premium can help you to get related keyphrases based on your current keyword. This helps you to bring your content to the next level with the keywords. Keyword is the word that users try to search. For example, if you provide services to fix i-phones. Your keywords may be Repair Iphone/ Apple Oled and screen. If you are wonder what is the keyword for your business, you can go to WordSteam and learn more.

Readability analysis

After you have set up focus keyphrase for your articles, you can start with your article. In readability, it provides you a checklist to check on the sentence length, reading ease, passive voice and transition words. With these check, your visitor is easy to read. This highly increase the probability of them reading your contents.

SEO analysis

After you have done your article and readability is green, you can start on SEO analysis. In SEO analysis, it helps to check your articles. Checking includes, internal link and outbound link, meta description lengths, images and text length. There is other checking as well, but these are the most important check that you have to work on.

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