Who is SuperInk?

We are SuperInk and we provide digital marketing solutions such as web development, search engine optimization (SEO), paper publication and cybersecurity solutions. These are only the basic things that we provide and there are more services that we can offer. We not only provide these services but we also provide clients with better understanding on how can they utilize it. Also, we provide them with detailed instructions. We ensure that they get the best after sales service we can offer. We also want to ensure that our clients get better business after working with us as we believe we can provide highly effective communication.

Web Development

Web development is a very wide and can be very complex when getting in depth. However we have very reliable and efficient team that are well versed in developing websites. Mainly we do web development on WordPress as it is one of the most feature-filled web development application interface. There are many themes available to download and they also provide an option to customize your own theme. We at SuperInk customize each and every one of our clients website to the liking. We can come up with very simple and minimalist website to a very feature-filled website. There are also page builders which helps us in creating websites more efficiently. It requires little to no coding making us complete a website faster compared to the traditional way.


Since WordPress has many features that can be installed with plugins, anything we see online, is possible to re-create it. Since WordPress is open-source, anyone who knows how to create plugins can create it. With the plugins, us page builders and web developers can efficiently include the features in the website. Since some features requires time to code, this allows such features to be accessible and implemented within seconds or minutes. We here at SuperInk knows what kind of plugins are required for certain features and making us more efficient. Especially when it comes to adding features.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here at SuperInk, we also specialize in Search Engine Optimization or in short, SEO. SEOs are the reason why some websites appear at the very front of a search page. Users will key in a keyword and with that, the search engine will search results containing the keywords. It will also search relevant words giving a wider range of results. With SEO, it optimizes the keyword of the website making it more easier to be found by the search engine. Although this method is not the faster way to increase in rankings, it is one of the most cheapest and effective way to promote a website. We have helped our clients see improvements in their SEO ratings.

Search Engine Market (SEM)

Search Engine Market or SEM for short is another method to reach the mass audience faster in the search result. It is not as organic as SEO as it requires payment for premium search engine results. These services are usually provided by the search engine company themselves as they have the power to control which content to show. At SuperInk, we can also help our clients to do SEM integration onto their website.

Paper Publication

At SuperInk, we also do paper publication for multiple sizes. A3, A4 and also A5 are the sizes that we offer for printing. There are many different types of paper printing that exists and we do a handful of them. We do normal printing, printing for booklets and magazines and also for flyers and brochures. There are many type of paper that exists ranging from thickness, texture and sizes. We offer multiple thickness as well from 80, 100, 200, 300 and 320gsm. GSM meaning, grams per square meter which determines how thick the paper is with higher value being more thicker. We also provide professional binding and folding services.

There are other services that we provide as well here at SuperInk. To find out more about us and what we offer, visit our home page here.

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