Web designing is about the graphic design, programming and web content to create and mange website. Web design is getting more and more essential skill. This is because nearly all businesses require website to promote their brand and item. A business without their own website, is likely to be less competitive with their competitors. Here are some schools that offer courses for web design course. At the end of course, you will get the diploma or degree certification. This certificate would be highly useful for job in IT industry.

Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University (AAU) is an university located in San Francisco. They offer both on-campus and online web design programs. It is better to take up an online program because living in San Francisco can cost you highly. AAU offers a wealth of degree programs that in different level. Associate, Bachelor and Master degree. This web design schools program mainly focus on core design concepts and some technical of web design.

Franklin University

Franklin University is a public university that not strive for profit. They offer web design program both online and on-campus. It is estimate that more than 60% of the student attend the program online. Franklin teaching style is unique, each student is paired with their own mentor/ personal development coach. Moreover, for those getting Bachelor’s degree in Franklin University can get elective class to go towards Master’s degree.

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University is an IT university that offers Bachelor’s degree for web design program. Their lessons are conducted both online and on-campus. In this program, they focus more on the technical side like 3D technology and mobile web design. Moreover, Colorado also teach new media and some design concepts using variety of tools.

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