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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation known as SEO is a form of Internet Marketing strategy that can place your website at the top of the search engine results for free and unlimited traffic.

SEO Marketing

You may have amazing products and services but without Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website, people will hardly find you know your brand.

Why SEO is important?

Is all about traffic. The high volume of intended and organic traffic at a lower cost. Google has the largest market share on the search engine.

People search for their problem first before asking anyone, usually looking for a product or services. Perhaps, your business service or product.

So quite simply put, the more visible your business is on Google search, the bigger the share of that juicy traffic you get to capture that can turn into more leads and customers. This is achievable through SEO.

Because organic search results are generally considered to be more credible and trusted than paid ones.

SEO also helps to boost the reputation and brand of your business online over the long term.

Three common factors when facing SEO

Big promises, Empty results

While there are good agencies in the market.

There are also a small handful of “cheaps” vendors that promise you high rankings but ultimately do not deliver the results.

In bad cases, you sometimes ended up with almost one year of wasted time and money down the drain.

Speak to a Sales Personnel, Not real Technical Expert

Don’t you just hate it when you enquire with a marketing agency but they direct you to a sales personnel instead?

In fact, due to a lack of digital knowledge, distinguishing between a sales pitch versus real technical advice can be difficult with the common man.

The risk of falling for a sales pitch than a genuine service is high.

Not idea how to predict?

You might have heard of cases where businesses have invested much money into SEO, but they do not see any impact in their business.

It could be the choice of keywords chosen were easy and low volume keywords.

The ultimate goal of SEO is not only keywords but the overall increase in web visitor volume.

Without understanding on how SEO contributes to business revenue increases, many people end up spending to rank useless and poor keywords.


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