Creating an SEO article could be easy, but how about a good article? A good article requires you to be good in many aspect, not only to contents. Here are some SEO best practices checklist for you as a checklist.

1.Title Tags

Assuming that you already have a keyword that you wish to rank. You should put the keyword in Title as a primary or secondary. Primary keyword is to put the keyword as a full title, secondary keyword is to add some words in the keyword and put as a title. You should use dash in between title and brand name.

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Lastly, keep title at estimately 50 to 60 characters to avoid Google cut off your title in the middle.

2.Meta description

Although this is not important in search engine ranking, it helps readers decide whether to click into the web page. If possible, write a compelling meta description that capped in 150 to 160 characters. This is to avoid meta description being cut off in the middle.

3.Body Content with targeted keyword

Content is the main thing that the readers want to read and learn. Content should be unique and relevant, best to include keywords 4 times. It is recommended for you to have an internal link so readers can access a page from another page within your website.

4.Image ALT tags and filenames

All images should have their own unique alt tag. This alt tag is good for search engines and also accessibility, It helps to tell screen reader user what is the image. It is good to describe the image as what they are and name them with dashes instead of underscores. Lastly, do not use non-alphabets character to name image or file. If possible, you can also include targeted keyword in the image alt tag and filenames.

These four SEO best practices checklist is the top crucial practices you all should adopt.