Website analysis tools help optimize your website, improve your search rankings, and drive more traffic to your website. You need website analysis tools to ensure your web pages are highly visible to your target market. Not only do search engines look at keywords, they judge the appropriateness and relevancy of the search by user. There are plenty of tools available to you to assist with the analysis of your website and its performance  and here are some:

Google Analytics

Firstly, Google Analytics is the most used website analysis tool for traffic as of February 2019. Google Analytics is on 55.5% of websites and has a market share of 85.1%. The tool has a mobile version which can be used with smartphones that are iOS or Android based.

Google PageSpeed

Secondly, Google PageSpeed is a package of tools designed to help websites meet or stay in compliance with company’s best practice. The tool tests the ability of your web pages to meet or exceed rules for optimizing your web presence:


Thirdly, WooRank is an SEO analysis and website review tool that includes as a free Google Chrome extension. It is simple, easy-to-use tracker which gives you a complete picture of your websites optimization and links its findings to your marketing data. However it is, a more in-depth, paid version of the tool provides detail analysis of your website and provides tips on how your business’s online visibility and website rankings can be improved.


Fourthly, GTMetrix is a website page loading optimizer that helps your website meet Google’s Web Performance Best Practices. The speed test tool was done by Canadian based which provides an easy performance analysis for their hosting customer’s websites. It is intuitive and easy for a beginner (with little or no experience using a website analysis tool) to use and understand the metrics (Google PageSpeed Insights and YSlow) generated by the tool.


Lastly, SEMRush performs a variety of checks on your website, with the desired result of improving and optimizing your web presence. The tests its performs include an audit of your site and check on its health, improved SEO, a keyword value research, and an analysis of your backlinks. It is a paid tool which performs a comprehensive set of analysis, makes recommendations, and helps improve your web experience.

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