Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is difficult and confusing for beginners like you. But do you know that, there are many SEO plugin for WordPress. These plugins can serve as a guide to improve your SEO article. Eventually, increase your website traffic’s quality and quantity.

What features does SEO plugin provides?

SEO plugin provide useful features like checklists and content insight. These give you a clear direction where to improve on the SEO articles. I’ve tried out many SEO plugins for WordPress and have some recommendations.

Take your time to read this article to save your time searching for good plugin.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is like a page analysis tool that is easy to use. It also provides academic courses to train you on the plugin with the professionals. Then, you can increase engagement and traffic with your keywords. Further more, it has automatic keyword optimization which save your time to find keywords manually.

Yoast SEO provides helpful functions like content insights, available for many languages and can integrate social media. Moreover, it has a free support forums to clarify your doubts.

SEO Press

SEO Press is a perfect SEO plugin for WordPress for beginners. This is because they allow to install wizard to help you set up data. The good part of SEO Press is that it is not only good for beginners. The plugin can also do content analysis with countless keywords for free.

Core functions of SEO Press allow to customize URL rewrite, video and image site to improve ranking. Other than these, it can also generate google knowledge graph, twitter card and meta description.

These 2 SEO plugin for WordPress are my most preferred tool after trying of many tools that is available. Personally, I am using the Yoast SEO for SEO article to check for my SEO articles. These are my recommendations, you are free to try out other SEO plugin for WordPress. Some other plugins are All-In-One SEO, SEMRush, and Google Search Console.

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