A logo is an essential aspect of a business that performs a key role in branding. Business experts consider logos one of the best tools companies can use to attract customers. When customers see your eye-catching logo for the first time, it automatically gives them a unique view of your brand identity. Kickstart your business plan by having a good logo design. Here, we gathered some of the best free logo design services online and some cheap and affordable ones too.

Brandmark.io (http://brandmark.io/)

Firstly, Brandmark.io, which helps you establish a branding system with the assistance of a design team, is one of the best sites for a one-of-a-kind logo for your new business. Brandmark.io’s designs are engaging and remarkably distinct. You simply input your preferences, and the AI design system will generate several logo ideas for you to choose from.

A basic logo costs only as cheap as $25; however, it is not editable. Designer and enterprise logos cost $65 and $175, respectively.

LogoMakr (https://logomakr.com/)

Secondly, LogoMakr believes that a beautiful logo should come at a nice price to help you start your new business. With an easy-to-use design software, you can create a high-resolution logo for only $39.95 which is cheap. If your logo does not require high-resolution files, it’s completely free.

With a free web logo, you can create and save the design and then copy and paste the HTML code that accesses the design from LogoMaker’s server. You can use the logo on your webpage for free. With high-resolution logo design files, you will get your logo in EPS, JPG, PNG, and GIF format.

Cheap Canva (https://www.canva.com/)

Lastly, if you’re looking for a brilliant and individualized logo which is cheap and uses simple design tools, Canva is another great option to consider. It has a wide selection of logo templates that you can use to generate your logo design ideas in minutes.

To enjoy Canva’s services, simply create a free account, explore professionally designed templates and customize the design using your own choice of colors, graphics, and fonts. Finally, save your logo and share it with the world.

Canva templates and design tools are all free to use. Canva also has premium images that you can purchase for only as cheap as $1 per one-time use. 

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