Defining IT Service Management (ITSM)

IT Service Management refers to all the activities that are IT related and serving them to your customers based on the best practices. This includes designing, creating, delivering, supporting as well as managing the life cycle of IT services.

Implementing ITSM is important as it can help regularized structured delivery and documentation, it can also helps in saving costs by building a IT organization. Implementing ITSM has business benefits by bringing in IT insight to the business that helps them in the process of decision making.


What are the processes of ITSM ?

The benefits of implementing ITSM ranges from IT specific to business level benefits. Some of the IT specific ITSM benefits includes:

And some of the business level specific includes:

Why does your business need ITSM?

Having ITSM in business can help in many ways, as the business starts to grows, they may need to bring in more mature processes to get the most benefits out of your ITSM investment. Business can improve their quality of service as well as customer’s satisfaction, reduce IT cost and improve in flexibility. Therefore, ITSM is beneficial and important to business as well.

In order to increase in business efficiency, ITSM can reduce downtime with the help of incident problem as well as availability management. It also prevent serious, business-affecting issues through problem management and capacity management as well as help businesses to quickly bounce back from critical IT issues

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