Search engine submission article is submitting your website to search engines. Firstly, SEO submission software promises to handle site submission for you. Secondly, submitting your site to various search engines. Thirdly, special interest sites and internet directories.

Benefits of Article Submission

Submitting SEO article is for increase in traffic. Firstly, it gives backlinks and create brand awareness. Secondly, it markets your articles by posting into directory site. Aside from that, they also market you on different social media platform like Facebook. This is to give attention and traffic

1. Increase SERP Rankings

Web article directory submission is a link building technique that will help you to get good SERP rankings. This link building technique is also helpful in getting good SERP rankings.

2. Increase Domain Authority of your website

Web article directory submissions help you to increase your domain authority. Firstly, domain authority is one of Moz’s metrics. Secondly, it helps you to know the strength of your website. Thirdly, it tells you that what chances your website has to rank in comparison to other websites. For example , the Higher the DA (Domain Authority) score of your website, the Higher chances you have to rank in the top positions on the SERP. However, you should only build directory links on high authority web directories as those sites will only help you to increase your.

Directory Submission Sites

Directory Submission sites the website’s link and information are distributed in different directories according to the niche or category they belong to. Firstly, these sites help a lot to boost the ranking of your website and helps you to gain targeted traffic too. Apart from these, directory submission sites also help you to boost your Google ranking.

Submitting an Article

First of all, you need to select a directory and create an account by registering on it. After registering on that particular website, click on submit button that will take you to the article submission form. In some case, the call to action buttons will be different. Fill all the details asked in the form such as body, category, caption, keywords, author and schedule the release time and date. In the body, write the article that you want to submit. Click on submit to submit the article.

More Information

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