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A digital marketing strategy is a set of actions that leverage online marketing platforms to achieve a variety of objectives.

Steps for creating a Digital marketing strategy:

1. Create buyer personas

If you want to begin an effective internet marketing campaign, you must first figure out who you’re going for. You cannot have a successful plan if you do not know who is interested in your products or services. Creating buyer personas is the greatest method to figure out who your target audience is.

2. Set your goals

If you’re going to build a digital marketing action plan, you must have goals. You can’t develop a plan until you know what you want to achieve. You’ll know what you want to achieve with web marketing if you create goals for your campaign. Focus on short, medium, and long-term goals.

3. Audit your current online marketing strategies

It is critical to understand how your campaign works in order to enhance it. You should examine three forms of media on your site: earned, owned, and paid media.

Earned media

Earned media is any free publicity you receive for your company. This media includes any written material or information about your firm that you did not generate. This media might include everything from reviews to awards to stories about your company.

Owned media

Owned media refers to any media that your firm owns. It is any media with your name on it or any media that you developed. Blogs, social media accounts, your website, and any photos you create are all examples of media.

Paid media

Paid media, as the term implies, is any media that you pay for in order to market your business. Your paid media mostly encompasses paid advertisements, like pay-per-click (PPC) ads or social media ads. When you run PPC or social media advertising, you pay to appear in front of leads that you believe are interested in your product or service.

4. Establish your budget

When developing a digital marketing plan, it is critical to understand how much money you have to spend and what resources you have available for your campaign

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