Dreamweaver is known as an IDE code (integrated development environment). Firstly, having Dreamweaver helps you to build webpages by showing a visual live view code to build a webpage and websites. Secondly, Dreamweaver is a professional level tool which can be used by anyone.

Why use Dreamweaver?

1. Dreamweaver auto complete, spell check and syntax check

Dreamweaver’s code editor provides you with ability to auto complete code, spell check and also ensures that your codes rules are followed. It provides foundational exercise following along. Firstly, as Dreamweaver provides live view that build webpage. While laying out your design, Dreamweaver will generate the underlying code. From there, you can edit and learn which code is for which layout.

2. Dreamweaver adding features

As technologies for website continue to evolve and we see new ones, Adobe works these into their tools.  Firstly, the  Cascading Style Sheets code (CSS)is a primary way to control the look of a page. Thus, Dreamweaver provided an excellent set of features to help you create CSS setting and files. CSS is such an expansive technology, having a tool that helps you is very key!  Whether you are new to web development, a student, or a professional they provide a plan that fits your needs.  

3.One Stop Shopping

Creating many files code when building a website is a common issue. However, using Dreamweaver helps you to manage the files simply by linking between and organizing them. They are built in FTP, file transfer protocol connecting server and upload files. When this happens, SFTP, secure file code transfer protocol is also being supported. Even better, Dreamweaver provide starter template pages for you to modify and make it into a starting point file. Thus it makes you work fast and gives a solid design

More Information

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