Just started with your business and looking for cheap design logo? In this article, we are going to introduce you some logo design software that would probably save you some cost.

Logo is a sign of a business, especially a good designed logo. It tells the potential customers who are you and what you do to benefit them. It also tells the people with no prior knowledge that your business is doing great. For example, when you see three-stripe design, the first firm you would think of is Adidas. It does not necessarily to have firm’s name in the logo, people still identify you with the logo. When customer see your logo, they will have a unique view of your brand identity.

1.Tailor brands

Top 12 Free Logo Design Services (and some cheap ones) 2

Tailor brands is an AI-based platform where designers can create their own unique logo that suite the business. It is easy to use, even if you are beginner to logo design. Just simply enter the business name and some information related to the business. It could be brands and fonts, then you will be prompt to logo selection. In addition, you will be able to access to branding toolbox after design is done.


Top 12 Free Logo Design Services (and some cheap ones) 4

LogoMakr is an easy to use and cheap design logo maker to design beautiful logo on your own. This is a super affordable software, high solution logo only $39.95. High resolution is that it will generate the logo in JPG, PNG, GIF and EPS. If your business does not need a high resolution logo, it is completely free for you to design. It offers >10000 icons and >50 fonts. You are allow to make 6 designs before buying the logo you want.

3. Canva

Top 12 Free Logo Design Services (and some cheap ones) 5

Canva is a great option to design a logo. It provides various logo templates to helps you with logo design. You may access to the services by creating account. After that, explore design template and customize logo. In customization, you are allowed t choose the colors, graphics and fonts to improve the logo. Once it is done, the logo is ready to download.